Hair removal causes mini inflammation that usually disappears within a few hours. Your beauty therapist always applies these waxing tips ( one is an after-wax lotion) to help you to reduce the redness too. However, there are some additional special measures to take when you have your waxing appointment on a hot summer day.

During the summer months when the temperature is hot, our small capillary vessels are more open. That means our skin is a bit more prone to inflammation. This time of the year, we always advise you to pay extra attention to skincare after waxing in order to reduce inflammation and redness and to make sure your smooth skin stays healthy.

Here are 3 top tips from Edith, our waxing queen:

  1. Before going to bed, apply a thin layer of Sudocream in intimate areas. Yes, that’s a nappy cream – meaning that it’s super gentle on skin and if it’s capable to reduce nappy rash and protect the baby’s skin, it’s also brilliant at reducing inflammation in those sensitive intimate areas. You can buy it in any Boots, Superdrug, and even supermarkets.
  2. Use pure, 100% Aloe Vera gel on your legs and other more accessible areas. It’s calming and will help reduce inflammation and prevent spots. You can get great quality Aloe Vera gels in Holland and Barrets and similar shops.
  3. Wear cotton garments for 2 days after intimate waxing to allow your skin to breathe.

Make sure you play by these ‘rules’ and your skin will be not only smooth but also healthy and radiant. Read more about the most common questions of waxing and what you should do before and after waxing



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