A simple 3-point guide to making your beautiful manicure last longer, brought to you by Mariann, Figaro London’s chief manicurist.

Before your manicure
  • Make sure you’ve not applied any hand cream before your appointment. It creates a greasy surface on your nails which is hard to get rid of, making your new mani last shorter.
  • Had a Japanese manicure, but want now to try gel or shellac? You’ll need to wait at least 4 weeks between the two appointments. Japanese manicure polishes bees wax straight into your nail plates, making them shiny, strong and healthy, but again, the surface will become less suitable for gel, shellac, extensions or even normal nail polish to stay on.
After your manicure
  • Always wear plastic gloves when doing the chores. Cleaning products such as limescale removers and bleach are dangerous chemicals that can damage both skin and nails, causing irritation and redness. Gloves will help protect your cuticles and nail surface.


No more nail destruction for you, just healthier, happier nails!

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