2021 has started. Salons are going to reopen very soon. How about some fresh ideas for your manicure? Do you want to discover what is the nail trend for 2021? Here, at Figaro London Hair & Beauty, we have your back. Here in this article, you’ll find the coolest manicures for 2021. There’s something for all tastes and occasions.

 💅🏻 nail trend 1: NUDE

“I want to get my nails done, but I don’t like fancy manicures. What can I do?” We get asked this question a lot. And, guess what? This year there is the perfect fit for you: nude manicure! It’s THE nail trend for ladies who want to keep a simple but neat look. A layer of clear polish and there you have it: well-kept and strong nails in just a few minutes. But, you know what? Adding minimal details or opting for a nude and neon manicure can add a little bit of spice to the classic nude style.

💅🏻 nail trend 2: SIMPLE BUT IMPRESSIVE

You want to keep things simple but impress others? Here are some trends that can take your look to the next level!

  • Ombre nails: choose your two favourite colours, and our beauticians will create an amazing gradient on your nails. Want a piece of advice? Pink and blue look just perfect together!
  • Metallic nails: are you looking for a more astonishing manicure that will not let you go unnoticed? Metallic nails, whichever colour you want them to be, will make you feel like a rockstar, you’ll sparkle! Just one little gimmick: They pair better with longer nails.
  • Pastel nails: this trend is evergreen. It doesn’t matter what colour you choose to varnish your nails. All pastel colours will let you look cool and stylish!
  • Green nails: OMG, green is this year’s colour, and at Figaro London, we LOVE green. It doesn’t matter which shape of green you choose, all of them will make you look fashionable!
  • Neon nails: neon colours have started to come back in 2020, and we’ll continue to see them also in 2021. Pink, yellow, green and orange, these are the top four colours that we recommend you to try!

💅🏻 nail trend 3: multicolour

When it comes to choosing the colour of your manicure, you never know what to go for? Don’t worry, multicolour nails will solve all your problems! Pastel rainbow is the perfect solution if you want to keep things light and elegant. In this case, you have two options: choose five different shades of the same colour or go for five different tints. How much do you want to dare? It’s up to you!

💅🏻 nail trend 4: FRENCH

Do you remember? The old but gold french manicure is making a big come back this year! The double french tip and the pastel french manicure will add a little bit of spice to the typical white line that comes to your mind!

💅🏻 nail trend 5: NEGATIVE SPACE

Ever heard about that one? The negative space nail trend is perfect for those who don’t like to see the gap caused by the regrowth of the nails or those who want to find something that will last more than two weeks. Placing the negative space near the cuticles gives you a neat and fresh look and guess what? Your manicure will last longer!

💅🏻 nail trend 6: DETAILS

Just one finger or all of them, it doesn’t matter. With some little details, you will spice up boring nails! These are 2021 trends that you absolutely need to try:

  • Cow print: from Kylie Jenner to Ariana Grande, all stars are trying and loving this nail trend. And if you don’t like the black and white style, it’s not a problem. Pink, blue and green spots are as trendy as the classic ones.
  • Marble nails: this trend never gets old! Ask our beauticians for white nails and black details on the ring finger. You’ll look chic and cool!
  • Minimal graphics: little dots, geometric figures, stylised bodies,… These are some of the designs that you could ask our beauticians to create on your nails. We want you to be as trendy as possible!
  • Logomania: It doesn’t matter what’s your favourite brand. If you are style addicted, adding logos to your manicure is a must for 2021.
  • Talk with your hands: because of covid we were forced to hide our smiles behind masks but you know what? We have found the solution. Express your happiness with smiles on your fingers!
  • Waves: you can go for a simple three curved line look or for a more sophisticated one, it’s up to you! Choose three or more colours. Our beauticians will create the perfect wavy style!

💅🏻 nail trend 7: PERSONALISED

Are you a creative person? Do you want to express your personality through your nails? Figaro London will realise your dream manicure. You will be able to create your own trend!

💅🏻 nail trend 8: MASK-MATCHING

During the pandemic time, masks became our best friends. They were and continue to be our means to stay safe and prevent the virus from spreading. Everyone uses masks that complete their look and express their personality, so why not also match your nails? When you come to the salon, remember to take your favourite mask. Our beauticians will create the perfect match with your manicure!

Make sure to take a look at the Pinterest board and sections that we have created just for you (the links are in the article). You will find amazing inspirations. Let us know in the comments below what trends you’d like to try!

In the meantime, stay safe and take good care of yourself!


Figaro London

PS: You bite your nails, and you think that you can’t try these manicures? We will prove you wrong! Make sure to read our article about nail extensions. They are the perfect solution for nail biters!

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