The Japanese Manicure, an ancient Japanese technique, is about buffing nutrients deep into your nail bed to make your nails super healthy so that they shine on their own without the need for a drop of polish.

The peculiarity of this treatment is that all the products used for it are made from natural materials: no synthetic chemicals of any kind are used.

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Is Japanese Manicure good for your nails?

This specific type of manicure is highly recommended for damaged nails (fragile, brittle and splitting nails). In fact, it helps to restore them to their pure-healthy pink shade and their natural shine. This is due to the ingredients contained in the natural paste applied during the treatment: vitamin A and E, keratin, bee’s wax and silica from the Sea of Japan.

The beneficial effects of the treatment are visible immediately after the procedure.


Japanese Manicure step-by-step

  1. First, your manicurist cleanses and shapes your nails.
  2. Then, your cuticles are treated.
  3. The manicurist continues to buff and smooth the nail plate.
  4. They apply a special beeswax paste and massage it into the nail plate.
  5. Finally, your nail plate is polished with talc powder.
  6. The process is finished with a nice hand massage.
Japanese manicure by Vi, our nail technician

Japanese manicure by Vi, our nail technician


How long does Japanese Manicure last?

This manicure lasts about two weeks. It depends also by your daily routine and by how much you use cleaning products.


The result: Healthy nails that shine on their own, without the need of a drop of polish.


Intrigued? Book an appointment, it only takes about 30 minutes to achieve absolutely beautiful, shiny nails – au naturell.



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