Tips vs Sculptured nail extensions – a debate that divides nail technicians. Figaro London’s manicurists never work with tips. Here’s why and what we think of this question.

Tips – great time savers

Tips are essentially pieces of moulded plastic. There’s different types of tips that nail techs use. They are relatively quick to apply using a special glue. Nail tips need to be sized properly to fit your natural nails, and this is where problems most often arise. There’s no one size fits all solution, and each tip needs to be altered for a custom fit, making sure that there’s no gobs of glue squeezing out from under or around the tip. It’s very important not to feel an intense pressure on your nail plate after the tip has been glued on. Using pre-made nail tips makes the process of building up your nail extension a lot faster, saving both you and your manicurist precious time, and we know all too well: Time is money.

Sculptured Nail Extensions – where passion meets creativity

Professionally sculptured nail extension sets are completely bespoke, they fit your nails perfectly and are super comfortable to wear. It is a meticulously precise work that can only be done exceptionally by a real professional:


A form is customized to the required shape, which is then fitted just beneath the edge. A layer of gel or acrylic is added and sculpted on it. Length can be customised according to your request, followed by the application of colour and/or decoration.

Your nail plate is freed from any pressure with this method as the enhancement molds itself to the natural shape of your nail, instead of pulling at your nail plate to get it to conform to the contour of a tip.  This results in a safer, more comfortable and natural feeling enhancement. And that in itself we feel is worth the time and effort.

That’s why we’d always go with sculpted, bespoke sets of extensions, and that’s what we here at Figaro London want to promote exclusively.

Look after your nails, they are accessories you wear every single day.


Figaro London

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