Threading or tweezing? A question that divides opinions among beauticians. We’re not against threading as such, but we’re definitely pro tweezing, and here’s why.

Eyebrow guru Edith converts even the biggest threading fans into regular tweezing clients. The reason: she does precision tweezing, and she feels there’s no difference between the results of the two. Both methods provide more precise control in shaping eyebrows and are gentler on the delicate skin than waxing.

“Threading is an ancient and perfectly working method to shape eyebrows, no doubt about that. However, I feel that times have moved on, and since the invention of the tweezer, we can pluck hair one by one, meaning that I can be more precise and it’s totally hygienic.”

– Edith, Figaro London’s Beauty Therapist

Threading can remove short rows of hair, pulling more than one hair at a time. Tweezing removes hair one by one, making the process highly meticulous and thorough.

How about waxing?

The skin around the eye area is very delicate, therefore waxing can be a little too harsh in between the lids and the eyebrows. Waxing can work in between the brows only, although it doesn’t provide a precision cleanness a tweezing or threading would do.

Eyebrows gents

Usually, those prefer waxing who are a little more sensitive to the slight inconvenience during the process. If that’s the case, we’d remove most of the hair between the brows by waxing and do the rest for a precise finish by tweezing.

Never underestimate the power of beautiful eyebrows.

Love, Figaro London
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