The Queen’s beauty secrets for perfect skin πŸ’„πŸ’πŸŽ€

Her Majesty’s complexion is arguably her best beauty asset, as evidenced by her multiple Zoom appearances since the start of the pandemic. Known for her sun-kissed lipstick shades, which range from vibrant pinks to bright oranges, the Queen’s meticulously groomed skin sets her apart from women half her age. You only have to look at the Monarch’s celebratory cover photo for the April 1957 British Vogue magazine to see how much her skin has aged over 60 years. Of course, it’s not just her genetics that make her radiant. The formula for the Queen’s eternal skin lies in these six secrets πŸ‘€

  1. Fresh air makes you glow: If you’ve spent most of your time in an air-conditioned, deoxygenated office building, you know that when your complexion is dehydrated, it can cause a dull skin tone. Conversely, when we go on vacations or weekends to countries with cleaner, more plentiful air, the glow of health emerges. Queen Elizabeth has spent countless days on her country estate, which has clearly benefited her skin over the years πŸŒ„


  1. Protect your skin with the right primer: Using the right primer can protect your skin from the elements, especially since some foundations are formulated with titanium dioxide, a type of mineral in sunscreens. While your makeup always needs SPF, a mineral primer with skin-conditioning properties will add an extra layer of protection between you and the sun. Dust your base with a finishing powder (like the Queen) and you’ll be further protected from aging and harmful UV 🌞


  1. She protects her skin from the sun: The queen’s porcelain-like complexion is a clear sign that she never exposes her face directly to the sun. She always wears hats and has umbrellas at hand to protect from harmful UV rays, and her lack of sun exposure is the main reason her skin doesn’t wrinkle πŸ‘’


  1. She stays calm: Stress releases the hormone cortisol and triggers inflammation inside and outside our bodies. The Queen’s unwavering stoicism may have contributed to her even, radiant complexion. In addition, a diet rich in organic produce from the countryside prepared for them by court chefs will further reduce skin inflammation πŸ’†


  1. Her makeup colour enhances her complexion: Makeup is a superficial but important step in achieving a radiant complexion, and the queen has struck just the right balance. Her signature coral-coloured lipstick brightens her skin, while a pink blush smeared on her cheeks and above her temples is an all-around lifting trick. Queen Elizabeth avoided filling in her brows, which contrasted with her pale silver hair. Instead, her pale brows give off a radiance that opens up her face like highlight contours around her hairlineπŸ’„


  1. She values ​​family above all else: Researching the “blue zones”, the places on Earth where people live the longest, besides diet and weather, close family and supportive tribes nearby are one of the biggest reasons for growing old healthy and happy. With her grandchildren and great-grandchildren by her side, her family has always kept the Queen young at heart πŸ‘ͺ




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