With the wedding season hot on our heals, we’ve compiled some of our favourite bridal hairstyles, make-up and nail designs for your inspiration.

We think a professional hair & make-up artist is a must to pull off that perfect look on your wedding day. And, as all eyes and lenses will be on the ring, this is the time to make sure your hands and nails are not just tidy but also well looked after and beautiful. Wearing a sandal? Let’s not forget about a gorgeous pedicure either.

Hair rules

Your hair has to look perfect, feel comfortable to wear, and of course it has to complement the dress and suit your personality and style. If you’re wearing a veil or any decoration in your hair, your hairdresser will need to create a look that will work perfectly with your outfit and feel super comfy so can concentrate on the moment and feel amazing.

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To cover what needs to be covered, and accentuate, what needs to be enhanced

When it comes to your make-up., we need to prepare you for tears and potentially also for a little sweat if it’s a hotter day or if you’re prone to sweat when excited. Your make-up has to stay, no matter what, yet it has to look not too overpowering, especially when it comes to foundation.

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Nailing the perfect nails

This is the time when most brides opt for a natural looking French gel or Shellac manicure. If you have very short nails or you bite them, you may want to opt for a set of bespoke sculptured nail extensions that look totally like your own, zero ‘fake’ effect. If wearing sandals or travelling away on your honeymoon right after the wedding, a pedicure is also a must.

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As we’re writing this piece, Prince Harry and Meghan are getting ready for their big day – only a week to go. Can’t wait to see what hairstyle, make-up and nails Meghan will be wearing. One thing is sure: it will be a fashion favourite for years to come?.

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