Working inside the whole year, then off to a well-deserved holiday with loads of sunshine and time outdoors … only to come back with dry skin and light sun-damage … We got special summer facial for dry! This 30-minute cryo-hydrotherapy facial was developed with you in mind.

Sun, sea, and sand – the perfect ingredients of a relaxing holiday, but not too good on your skin. The harmful effects of sun can and should be reduced by UV protection, but sea and sand still cause unwanted dryness and roughness that you’d want to repair. This summer treatment is to your rescue.

It’s a cryo-hydrotherapy-based facial treatment that will kick-off the healing process so that your skin can recover quickly.

Step 1: Super gentle exfoliation

The facial treatment starts with a delicate enzymatic scrub which exfoliates the epidermis, smooths and firms the skin, improving its circulation and tone. The scrub instantly removes roughness and reduces imperfections. Effectively cleanses the skin, preparing it to absorb active ingredients contained in the serum and mask.

Step 2: Serum & Ultrasound


Then, we apply a hydrating and nourishing serum that intensely and deeply moisturizes the skin. Edith uses ultrasound to make sure they reach even the deepest layers of your skin.

Step 3: Soothing Cryotherapy

The treatment is finished off with a hydro-gel cooling mask that is complemented by cryotherapy. What’s cryotherapy? It’s a cold disk applied to the skin that will create a cooling, soothing effect leaving your skin feeling completely refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated – a perfect end to the treatment.

Thermotherapy increases blood flow and allows active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

The mask optimally moisturises, revitalises, strengthens and firms the skin, instantly removing any traces of fatigue and stress, while restoring vitality and radiance; it smooths and soothes irritation.

The treatment can be complemented with a relaxing facial massage, just prepare to spend an additional 20 minutes under Edith’s expert hands.

Book this soothing treatment right after your holidays to make sure your skin stays healthy and hydrated!


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