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Brand new facial detox treatment

A facial detox is highly recommended from time to time to help your body get rid of toxins absorbed by the skin which may cause visible signs of ageing and other damage.

This brand new detoxifying facial treatment is best for a seasonal skin reboot and takes about 45 mins max 1 hour – meaning that it fits even into your lunch break perfectly.

The detoxifying facial therapy treatment consists of 9 steps:

  1. First, your therapist gently cleanses your face with cleansing milk.
  2. Tonic is applied to set back the right PH of your skin.
  3. Then there’s some gentle microdermabrasion to clear away rough patches and allow the detox serum to penetrate deeply into your skin.
  4. Tonic is applied again to disinfect skin and set back the right PH.
  5. It is followed by the application of a potent antioxidant detox serum to stop pollution from spoiling your newfound radiance the moment you step out into the street. The serum reaches the deepest layers of your skin thanks to ultrasound.
  6. A herbal mask will nourish your skin.
  7. After removing the residues of the mask, tonic is applied again.
  8. The sheer indulgence of facial massage will not only help to clear away toxins but also adds a lovely, holistic feel to the treatment.
  9. Finally, a finishing lightweight moisturising cream will seal in all this goodness.

You’ll emerge looking fresher, brighter and much more radiant than when you walked in.

This facial is like pressing ‘reboot’ for city-worn skin. Wake up the following day with skin that’s soft, calm, dewy and really radiant for weeks to come. Costs only £60.

Book now and start the new year fresh with Facial detox treatment, happy and healthy.


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