Express yourself boldly this summer with a technicolor rainbow that will empower you to speak up, stand out, and show the world the Power of Hue.

We want to take you through this blog to discover all the colours that will be the must-have colours of the summer.

Just like we do every time we carefully select each nail polish, this time you too will have the chance to see how the choice works – and we have to admit, what a hard choice! There are so many colours.

Are you ready then? Let’s start

  • Shade description: SUN-RISE UP.

Lead the way in this shimmery coral pink.
Shade name meaning: Our clever way of saying rise up to the occasion


  • Shade description: SUGAR CRUSH IT.

Make cotton candy waves in this soft pink shimmer.
Shade name meaning: A play off the phrase “crush it,” this is a reminder to crush your goals, dreams–you name it!


  • Shade description: EXERCISE YOUR BRIGHTS.

An electric hot pink that will crank up your volume.
Shade name meaning: A play on the phrase “exercise your rights,” this is reminder that you have the right to be your                bright self.


  • Shade description: PINK BIG.

Do BIG things in this bold shimmery fuschia.
Shade name meaning: Our way of saying go big or go home–think outside the box, even if it challenges the status quo.


  • Shade description: GO TO GRAPE LENGTHS.

A daring shimmery purple that stops at nothing.
Shade name meaning: A play on the phrase “go to great lengths,” this inspires you to go the extra mile.


  • Shade description: DON’T WAIT. CREATE.

Make things happen in this bright shimmery lilac.
Shade name meaning: This is meant to inspire creativity. Don’t sit on dreams (big or small), get out there and do it.


  • Shade description: SKY TRUE TO YOURSELF.

Beam your true colors in this shimmery sky blue.
Shade name meaning: A play on the phrase “stay true to yourself” to remind you to never change for anyone.


  • Shade description: FEEL BLUETIFUL.

An electric sparkly blue that will put you on cloud fine.
Shade name meaning: A play on “feel beautiful” to remind you that you’re beautiful inside and out.


  • Shade description: MAKE RAINBOWS.

An iridescent lime green that spreads major joy.
Shade name meaning: This nod to Pride is a reminder to show the world your true colors 24/7.


  • Shade description: BEE UNAPOLOGETIC.

Dare to be different in this vivid shimmery yellow.
Shade name meaning: A shade that inspires you to always be your authentic self. Don’t be afraid to be who you are!


  • Shade description: MANGO FOR IT.

A zesty orange shimmer that doesn’t hold back.
Shade name meaning: A play on the phrase “go for it,” this is a reminder to never hold back.


  • Shade description: THE FUTURE IS YOU.

Take on the world in this shimmery golden tan.
Shade name meaning: A reminder that you have the power to change the world–don’t hold back, speak up, and be                  yourself.


Not sure which one to choose? We hear you, you’re spoilt for choice.



Simply let yourself be overwhelmed by the colour you like best, apply it to your nails and fill your life with colour!




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