Summer is here and it’s the season in which you dare the most with clothes, accessories and a lot of party after work. So, why don’t dare also with your hair colour? Whether you choose an extravagant look or one more natural you’ll always add a touch of class and light to your style.
Below, we’re sharing 7 summer hair colours trends, so you can have your best summer hair for 2020!


bronde hair colour
Bronde is a mix between blonde and brunette. It’s a perfect hair colour if you want to keep your style simple and natural, but at the same time, you want to enlighten and make warmer your look.
You’ll be surprised by the shiny effect of this colour when you’ll expose it to the sun!


2. LILAC HAIR COLOURlilac hair colour

If you’re looking for a breakthrough style, then lilac is the right colour for you.
Lilac is very popular this year and has made its mark everywhere, especially between the stars.


inky black hair

Darker colours are not only for cooler seasons; in fact, the inky black still belongs to the summer hair colours trends in 2020.
And, if you want to break the monotony of the colour, you can play with your haircut or style!


4. HONEY BLONDE HAIR honey blonde hair

Honey blonde is one of the most sweet and warm colours.  Its golden effect, it’s a refreshing and warming touch for the warmest season!


red copped hair

How about warming up your hair with a copper-red colour? If you have pale or fair skin, go ahead try it asap just before you see it everywhere this season.
The effect will be eye-catching!



6. COLOR CONTRAST HAIRcontrast-hair-colour

It’s time to say goodbye to simplicity and go for a unique-bi-colour style! With this style, you can liberate your creativity and be free as much as you want: play with the colours, mix them and add a new extravagant haircut. High colour contrast is so IN right now: many stars as Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish have already embraced it!



Red-brown, it’s one of those dreamiest hair colours of all the time.
It has various colour combinations that allow you to play with highlights and undertones. The rich red-brown hair colour will make your style even warmer than the summer days!red-brown-hair

Discover also the new summer’s hair strandlighting technique.

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