When the weather changes, it’s time to prepare your skin for cooler temperatures and repair any summer sun damage. We asked our beauty therapists to give us some useful skincare tips for autumn and winter.

Seasonal skincare is essential to keep our skin in harmony with nature. You should acknowledge basic skincare and keep in mind that during the colder months, we spend more time indoors where humidity in the air decreases as our use of central heating increases. Here is how you can look after your skin now that the cooler seasons are upon us.

Get your skin thoroughly cleansed by a professional.

Just like we usually do with our homes, it’s important to give our skin a thorough after-summer deep cleansing. It helps to clean your congested pores that are unable to absorb active ingredients or expel toxins. October and November are therefore a great time for a thorough deep cleansing facial to detox your skin and prep it for richer moisturisers and serums.

Change your skincare products with the changing seasons.

Our skin can get used to skincare products, making them less effective. Therefore it’s imperative to change our moisturisers from time to time. April is the best month to change for a lighter summer skincare regime, and October is when we should go for richer consistency. A nourishing serum underneath our moisturiser or a moisturiser with more active ingredients will add an extra boost to our routine.

Change your make-up routine.

As we change our wardrobe, autumn is when it’s time to reach for darker colours in make-up too: bordeaux, berry-infused purples, iced-coffee, ruby wine and elder-berry colours are now on trend. Also make sure you invest in a great quality tinted lip balm to keep the harmful drying effect of wind at bay.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
Albert Camus

We hope that you’ll find these skincare tips helpful.


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