Japanese Nail Art is so much more than pretty, colourful designs. It’s about advanced techniques and superior-quality materials imported directly from Japan. Experience the finest of Japanese manicure, pedicure and nail extension services with our nail technician Maho, a top specialist in Japanese Nail Art and Design.

Labelled The ‘Chanel’ of Nail Art, Japanese Nail Design is something to experience for yourself. It takes time, it’s labour intensive, and requires meticulous attention to detail alongside the skills of a true artist.

Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it takes time. But boy, it’s so worth it.

Maho is a nail artist trained in this Japanese Nail Tradition and has proudly served a very demanding clientele first in Tokyo, Japan, then in a New York beauty salon. She made her debut at New York Fashion Week in 2017 as a nail artist and has continued to contribute to NYFW ever since. The next station of her creative journey is – you guessed it: London.

Browse some of Maho’s finest collections of Japanese nail art:

Nails by Maho
Nails by Maho
Nails by Maho
Nails by Maho

As Maho explains:

“I’m very conscious of beautiful shapes and forms, therefore I love long nails, and I’m really good at allowing my clients to grow long nails without any nail extensions. But of course, I just as much enjoy doing nail extensions. I use a top-quality Japanese brand called Kokoist to build gel nails with Gelip tips. And I love to go crazy when it comes to nail art. From chrome powder Korean-style nail art to Swarowski and bijou – you name it, I can do it.”

Maho works at Figaro London on an appointment-only basis. Have a look at her service menu and book your Japanese nail service in a few clicks.

Love 💚,

Figaro London

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