Nail extensions help your hands shine by adding length to your natural nails. Acrylics, hard gel, tips – extensions can be done in multiple different ways. But BIAB is a revolutionary product in that it can be soaked off, unlike all the other extension types. Read on to learn more about this new 2022 technique that’s durable yet gentle on your nails.

Builder In A Bottle aka BIAB is a salon-exclusive product developed by The Gel Bottle, a British nail product brand. And Melania, our resident nail technician is a fan of it. Here’s why.


Durable, yet gentle: BIAB Gel Nail Extensions can be soaked off

BIAB Gel Nail Extensions are unique because they can be soaked off, are highly durable yet very gentle on your natural nails. No need for an electric file to remove them, therefore they pose no damage to the nail plate at all.

If you’ve ever had DIP powder, sculpted gel or acrylic nail extensions, you’ll know that these are all hard-wearing but potentially nail-damaging due to aggressive removal techniques that need to be applied. Of course, a professional nail technician would do the removal process very carefully, but still, no one can deny – your natural nails do get thinner and weaker over time. BIAB’S combination of gentleness and endurance however is the ultimate solution.


BIAB Gel Nail Extensions – step by step

Here’s how Melania treats your nails if you opt for this brand-new BIAB Gel Nail Extension manicure service:

  • Your nails are thoroughly prepared, cuticles treated, and nail plates buffed and cleaned.
  • A customised tip is then used to add length and it’s attached to your natural nails using a special glue-like material.
  • A layer of gel is applied on top to bring it all together.
  • It’s cured under UV light and provides instant strength.
  • Another layer of gel is then applied, and your new nails are shaped according to your desire.
  • Finally, your favourite colour comes on top.
  • Want to spice up your new nails with a bit of nail art? Go as sophisticated or as wild as you wish.


BIAB is perfect for clients with weak natural nails who want to grow them out. Using tips, it’s a brilliant choice for clients who want the length of extensions with the option to soak it off instead of filing it with an electric file which can cause (possibly small, but over time not insignificant) damage to your nails.


If you’re ready for flawless, fierce nails, let Melania lend her talent and artistry to your nails. To introduce this new approach to gel nail extensions, we decided to run a special offer for a limited time – available only while visible on our booking platform:


Go and secure your appointment at this introductory price while it lasts and enjoy the best of both worlds: beautiful, long and also healthy nails!


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*Intro price available while visible on our booking platform.



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