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Figaro London Hair and Beauty

Who are we?


Figaro London is an award-winning hair & beauty salon in East-Central London (EC1V 3RQ). We’re a boutique salon. We’ve been around for 9 years and have an established clientele.

We work with an ambitious team of freelance, independent hairdressers, beauty therapists and nail technicians who are passionate about excellent customer service and are highly professional at what they do.

Our clients appreciate the free spirited atmosphere we have and give us the best reviews. We don’t just sell a service or product. We help, educate, entertain and inspire our clients.

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Are We The Right Fit?

Launch your freelance career with us. 

We offer: 

  • flexible working hours 
  • making you our freelance partner
  • business support and coaching to help you reach your goals

You bring:

    • experience, passion, professionalism, creativity 
    • punctuality, ambition
    • drive to success




Are you a hairdresser?

Are you a Nail Technician?

Are you a beautician?

What will you do?

  1. Ladies and / or Gents Hairdressing  
  2. Colour Services
  3. Smoothing and Straightening Treatments
  4. Exceed customer expectation

Ideally, you are an all-rounder and can do both general hairdressing and colour. But we welcome applications of specialists in certain areas only.



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Gel Nail extensions

What will you do?

  1. Manicure and / or Pedicure Services  
  2. Nail Extensions (if you can)
  3. Shellac
  4. Japanese Manicure (we’ll teach you if needed)
  5. Exceed customer expectation



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Beautician / Beauty therapist

What will you do?

  1.  Facial Treatments (Manual and / or Electronic)
  2. Waxing and Hair Removal
  3. Manicure, Pedicure (if you can)
  4. Brow and Lash Treatments
  5. Exceed customer expectation


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the nitty gritty

Have more flexibility as a hair and / or beauty professional and enjoy the support of an independent but well-established salon.

Figaro London’s been around for over 9 years. We’re a hair & beauty salon with fantastic reviews and long opening hours.

We’re now looking to partner up with independent hairdressers, beauty therapists, beauticians and nail technicians who’d like to run their own little business under the umbrella of Figaro London, serving their own client base and also looking after our clients that come through the door as and when time and schedule allows.

We want this to be a more independent position, ideal for those ambitious hair and beauty professionals who already established a smaller or larger follower base they’d like to serve in a professional environment, want flexibility with schedule but are not yet in a position to open their own salon. It’s also a suitable opportunity for those who perhaps don’t yet have a large follower base as we’re an established salon with a client base.

If you have a main job and you’d like to cover a day or two only each week as freelance, we’d still love to hear from you.

We’d also like you to be someone who looks after the salon as well as your colleagues working in the salon, so an independent team-player is the best way to describe who we are looking for in an ideal world.

We offer business and marketing support, online scheduler, webpage with your own professional profile, we invest heavily in advertising and SEO and we have a well-established wonderful local follower base.


 Exceptional professional skills in your field and salon experience (our reputation is very very good in the neighbourhood, we’d like to partner up with someone who honours that and helps us maintain it if not further develop it)
 Trustworthiness (when you say you’ll be here at 9am next Tuesday, we expect you to turn up at 8.45am on the Tuesday)
 Punctuality (keep in mind the customer’s time, be aware of your own schedule and pay attention to quality when doing service)
– High emotional intelligence (if you have experience, you know what this is about)
– Good references (goes without saying but still: we’d like to work with individuals who don’t burn bridges behind them but help to build)

We work with a profit-share agreement with our partners.

We’re also open to discussing daily rates, weekly rates or a monthly rolling rate if you prefer a chair-rental basis.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch either on Whatsapp or by filling in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

After an initial discussion on the phone, if you’d like to be considered as a potential partner and want to proceed further, we’ll ask you to send us your CV and attach a couple of before after images of your work that you’re really proud of so we can see that quality of your work. We will then be in touch to arrange an interview, show you around the salon and continue the discussion in person.


Individual commitment to a group effort. That is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work.
Vince Lombardi

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