WANTED: Professional beautician

Figaro London Hair & Beauty is looking for a beauty therapist to join them in their quirky salon near Old Street.

We continuously need a team of highly skilled and honestly kind beauticians in order to be able to serve our customers throughout our opening times and enable us to expand.


Facial Massage Figaro Londonreading this makes you say, ‘Holy cow, that’s me!’:

  • You love fashion and follow the latest skincare and make-up trends of the industry.
  • You continuously try new things, experiment and discover.
  • Beauty is your passion which you take seriously.
  • You’re fully qualified and love doing facials, waxing and other beauty treatments.
  • You continuously develop yourself both professionally and personally.
  • You are a joyous, positive personality to whom excellent customer service is second nature.
  • You care deeply about your work, colleagues and the wellbeing of the clients
  • You’re 10,000% comfortable working in a multi-culti environment
  • You can communicate your suggestions and advice assertively to the customer.
  • You work hygienically, a tidy and spotless work place is natural to you.
  • You speak conversational English and you can build up trust and understanding easily so that the customer is at ease and feels comfortable during treatment.
  • You’re obsessive about being the best at what you do, but you also respect that client’s time and don’t get too carried away when time’s tight.
  • When a mission-critical project happens, you work till the job gets done
  • You’re hyper-focused on getting the details right — you don’t do sloppy work or let little things slip through the cracks
  • You’re a born GO GETTER — always looking for ways to add value, do better work, improve efficiencies, build others up

In an ideal world:


  • You have a bit of business mindset and plan for the long run.
  • You want to learn about business – you see, we’re looking for someone we can proudly call a partner.
  • You have salon experience.
  • You learn quickly and adapt fast to the changing environment.
  • You know electrofacial treatments.
  • You can do eyelashes.
  • You can do make-up.
  • You can extend our list of services with any other special treatments you are qualified to provide and passionate about doing.

The nitty-gritty:

  • In our experience over the past 7 years, a profit-share basis is what works best for both therapists and us, but we are open to discuss this with you.
  • The position is available as of right now.
  • If you’re just starting out in your career as a beautician, this is probably not your best bet.

Figaro London? Who are you guys?

We are a funky, fresh hair & beauty salon near Old Street Station with an ambitious creative team open seven days a week. We are about to celebrate our 7th birthday and won Top Choice Hair Salon 2019 Award.

We have an established customer base which we consider to be a great starting point to further developing ourselves and to expand. For that, we need professional partners who think like we do: Never stop doing, want to improve and develop constantly, learn new techniques and are open to the world.

We do things slightly differently to the average beauty salons. Because we are not average. We are different. Proudly different. And we are very selective with people we work with. We believe that it’s down to these fundamental differences that client experience is continuously so high rated at ours. And if you see our point and really get it, you’ll make a fantastic partner, and you’ll enjoy working with us.

Our principles:
  • We believe in an honestly friendly customer service that comes from our heart.
  • We believe in the importance of regular chats with our colleagues, in openness and the desire to get better.
  • We believe that every single member of our team is a partner and we believe in their professional quality of work.
  • We wholeheartedly believe that the combination of hard work, constructive criticism and a supportive environment helps us all to achieve common and individual goals.
  • Ideas are important, but implementation is everything.
Sounds good so far? Here’s how to apply:

Send us your CV and write a few lines about what it is that you like the most about being a beauty therapist and what’s the least favourite part of the job for you.  There’s no right or wrong answer really, we’d just love to see if we can resonate to what you’ll be explaining, that’s all. Our email is hr@figarolondon.uk

Hurry up, we really want to hear from you.

P.S. Check us out on social media too and while you are there, give us a shout to say you’re interested: