WANTED: Make-up Artist

Make-up in the makingWe are looking for a friendly and super creative make-up artist to join our team of ambitious people – as soon as possible.

We have a well-established clientele that needs more and more often a great make-up when going to an evening function, a theme party or attending a business conference nearby. We want to be able to serve them with the help of a trusted and professional team that we can rely on.

We are an independent salon in the heart of the Old Street – Barbican – Angel triangle. Our team of ambitious creatives are all professionals who appreciate the free spirited atmosphere we have, the fact that they have room for creativity and that they can test their ideas in a safe and encouraging environment.

Reading this makes you say ‘Holy cow, that’s me!’:

* You love fashion and follow the latest trends of the beauty industry
* Make-up and being creative is your passion which you take seriously
* You have a great creative portfolio that will make us say: Wow!
* You continuously develop yourself professionally
* You’re an honest, positive and joyous person to whom serving customers and making them happy is second nature
* You can communicate your ideas and suggestions to your customers clearly and professionally when they need help and advice
* You’re clean, tidy and you know and practise all the required hygiene measures to ensure health & safety of your customers

Make-up in the making
In an ideal world, you have:

* A bit of business mindset and plan for the long run
* Visited trade shows and know the ins and outs of the make-up industry
* Desire to take part in fashion projects, photo shoots and filming
* Desire to conduct make-up courses, teaching  and educating clients one on one and in small groups

The Nitty Gritty:

* We’re open to this being something along the lines of a freelance opportunity and a profit-share agreement.
* Ideally, we think you should have a main job and look at this opportunity as a side business that allows you to practice your passion and gain more and more experience, with the help of a supportive team.
* If you’re just starting out professionally as a make-up artist, you are still welcome to apply – as long as you are a positive an joyous spirit, meticulously creative, you do a great job and are passionate about what you do, we want to hear from you.

Here’s how to apply:

Send us your CV as well as a few pictures of your work you’re really proud of by email to hr@figarolondon.uk.

Hurry up, we really want to hear from you.

P.S. Check us out on social media too and while you are there, give us a shout to say you’re interested: