Wanted: Hairdresser / Hair colourist


We are looking for a friendly, highly creative and easy-going Hairdresser / Hair Colourist to join our team of kind and ambitious people.

You aspire to be the best at what you do, so you’ll be right at home here.

Your main role will be to create truly magnificent hairstyles ideally for both ladies and gents, with a special focus on colouring services including highlights, balayage, ombre and all those other fancy trends out there, to make our existing and future clientele happy, feeling extra special when they visit us.


We’ve been crowned Top Choice Hair Salon London 2019,

for our COnsistent excellence in the pursuit of total customer satisfaction.


Figaro London is an independent boutique hair and beauty salon in the heart of the Old Street – Barbican – Angel triangle. Our team of ambitious creatives are all professionals who appreciate the free spirited atmosphere we have, and the fact that they have room for creativity and that they can test their ideas in a safe and encouraging environment.



We’ve been around for 6 years. Our clientele appreciates the kind, friendly and honestly warm atmosphere that have, and the team’s professionalism is something they can always count on, no matter what colleague they’re seeing.

We have long opening hours, and we are open Monday to Sunday in order to be able to offer our services at times that suit our clients. Having said that, you’d not be working 7 days a week and you’d not have to cover 12 hour shifts all the time. It’s team work, and our goal is to create a rota that works for you personally, that works for the clientele, the team and the business. We believe that if these 4 factors are in alignment, everything else falls into place and we’re on a path to success.