Beauty Prices



Deep Cleansing Facial

£ 60
Quick aid against blackheads, acne and skin impurities. Clarifies, soothes and moisturises your skin.  Combined with ultrasound and serum, your skin will feel clean and recharged.

Deep Cleansing Facial with Massage

£ 75
Go for this if your pores need a thorough cleanse and say good bye to every single blackhead or little impurity you didn’t even know you possessed. The treatment includes ultrasound and serum, as well as a soothing and relaxing facial massage to give your facial muscles a lift. Your skin will feel clean and recharged.

Cleansing Facial & Microdermabrasion

£ 95
The Rolls Royce of facials, our signature service. The combination of deep cleansing with the benefits of microdermabrasion, complemented with ultrasound to penetrate those active ingredients into the deep layers of your skin. You skin will feel extremely clean, smooth, revived and recharged.




Facial Massage

£ 30
Increases circulation to your facial tissue, resulting in brighter, youthful-looking skin. Helps to reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Plus: it reduces stress leaving you peaceful and relaxed. We recommend this treatment on a weekly basis.

Nourishing – Anti-Aging Facial

£ 65
This luxurious facial is a must for dry skin that shows signs of aging and tiredness. Ultrasound will stimulate the skin tissue increasing cell regeneration and collagen production. Combined with either thermotherapy or a gold mask (depending on your skin’s needs), this treatment will nourish your skin leaving it softer, smoother and more hydrated.

Express Anti-Ageing Treatment

£ 30
An instant face lift that combines the latest muscle stimulation and micro-vibration technology with a special serum that penetrates deep into the wrinkles, filling them up. You’ll leave with an instantly more youthful, radiant complexion.

Transdermal Mesotherapy Treatment

£ 75
With age and experience come tired skin and jowls, but thanks to this non-surgical face lift treatment there is a non-invasive, convenient way to regain tight, toned and radiant skin. Transdermal mesotherapy is an advanced skin rejuvenation to nourish, repair and regenerate your skin. Give your skin a boost of health and freshness. During this treatment, electrophoretic waves are used to transport a highly-effective serum through your skin’s protective surface. It’s like a magical work-out for your facial muscles!

Add-on services to complement a facial treatment


Ultrasound with serum £ 20
LED Light Therapy £ 15
Cryotherapy £ 20
Thermotherapy £ 20
Microdermabrasion £ 20
Facial Massage (20 mins) £ 20
Facial Masks from £ 15
Transdermal Mesotherapy for Neck & Decolletage £ 20



Daytime Make-up from £ 35
Occasion / Evening Make-up from £ 50
Fantasy make-up (eg. Halloween, fancy dress) from £ 50
Bridal make-up from £ 65
Bridal make-up + Trial £ 100
Fake lashes (yours to keep, or you can bring your own) £ 5

Waxing - Ladies


Eyebrow wax £ 10
Upper lip wax £ 7
Chin wax £ 10
Under arms wax £ 15
Bikini/Brazilian/Hollywood wax £25-£30-£38
Half legs wax £ 23
Full legs wax £ 35
Half arms wax £ 18
Full arms wax £ 25
Full leg & bikini wax £ 50
Full body wax for women (full legs, intim, full arms and underarms) £ 95

Waxing - Gents


Eyebrow wax £ 10
Under arms wax £ 20
Half legs wax £ 25
Full legs wax £ 38
Half arms wax £ 23
Full arms wax £ 30
Chest & Stomach wax £ 35
Full back wax £ 35
Full back, chest & stomach wax £ 60
Bottom wax £ 25

Eyebrows & Eyelashes


Eyelash tint £ 15
Eyebrow tint £ 12
Eyebrow shaping £ 10
Eyebrow tint + shaping £ 20
Eyebrow tint + shaping + Eyelash tint £ 30
Eyelash Lift £50
Eyelash Lift & Tint £60
Brow Lamination £50
Brow Lamination & Tint £60
Henna Brows £38

Eyelash Extensions


Classic Eyelash Extensions £90
Volume Eyelash Extensions £120
Infill for Classic Eyelash Extensions £60
Infill for Volume Eyelash Extensions £90
Removal £30
Removal when we re-do it £20