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Meet Melania at Figaro London
near Old street station / City Road

Expert nail technician, manicurist and pedicurist in EC1V

Melania is a nail technician with a wealth of experience working in nail salons, looking after clients who expect meticulous precision. She’s genuine, kind, and her expertise in all things manicure and pedicure is exceptional.

Besides working as a nail technician, Melania studies graphic design at university. She looks forward to serving you any day between Monday to Thursday, some Friday evenings and at times even on a weekend day if you’re lucky to find a slot with her. Do book!

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No messing around, expect a very thorough, highly professional manicure service.


Manicure & OPI Nail polish (may last up to 7 days) £20 35 mins
Manicure & OPI Infinity Nail polish (may last up to 11 days!) £25 35 mins
OPI Spa Manicure (Unisex) £25 45 mins
Express Manicure (Unisex) £15 30 mins
Manicure for Gents £20 30 mins
Japanese Manicure £20 45 mins
Manicure for nail biters £40 45 mins
Manicure for nail biters - removal & redo £45 45 mins
File & Polish £12 20 mins
Classic Shellac / OPI Gel polish (one colour) manicure £35 45 mins
Shellac / OPI Gel polish Forte Manicure – one colour (may last up to 3-4 weeks) £40 60 mins




Classic Pedicure (one colour OPI polish) £30 30 mins
OPI Spa Pedicure £45 60 mins
Express Pedicure £20 40 mins
File & Polish £18 30 mins
Pedicure for Gents £45 60 mins
Shellac / OPI Gel polish Pedicure £45 45 mins



French finish (manicure of pedicure) from £5
Special effects from £0.75 per nail
Simple nail art from £3 per nail
More complicated bespoke designs from £5 per nail



NEW: BIAB Gel Nail Extensions with tips (no electric file used, can be soaked off, highly durable yet very gentle on nails) £60 60 mins
🔥 Introductory Sale Price: £50
Secure this price while it lasts! 🔥



Gel Infill & Overlay – one colour S: £35
M: £40
L: £45
60 mins
Removal of Gel, Shellac or Acrylic Extensions from £20 30 mins
Gel / Shellac removal - when we remove our shellac and redo £5 10 mins
Gel / Shellac removal - when we remove our shellac £10 10 mins
Gel / Shellac removal - when we remove someone else's work from £10 10 mins +




OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthening Manicure with 15ml home care nail strengthener £41 20 mins
OPI Gel Break Treatment £23 25 mins
Paraffin wax stand-alone treatment for hands £15 20 mins
Paraffin wax treatment as an add-on to a manicure £10 20 mins

Our November treat

£5 off your
manicure / pedicure
with Melania

Professional background

Introducing Melania


I’ve always been fascinated by fashion and the beauty industry. However, it wasn’t until I was 20 that I had my first manicure! From that point, there was no going back: I was hooked. I went to a reputable nail academy in my country to learn the tricks of the trade, studied and practised relentlessly until I was fully confident and got qualified as a professional nail technician in 2017.

Melania Nail Technician's Avatar


I’ve had the pleasure to do many really interesting nail designs for truly wonderful clients. But I’m going to say that starting my nail business under the umbrella of Figaro London is the single most important highlight at the moment that I’m focusing on to make it a success. Ever since I started to work as a nail technician, I’ve always wanted to work for myself and run my own salon. This is as close to it as it gets.



One day, a client told me: “I bet in your previous life you were a surgeon. Because you’re so precise and meticulous.”
Clients always compliment my cuticle work. It’s true: I’m very precise, very thorough yet super careful. There have never been any injuries under my watch thanks to a special technique that I developed. And cuticle work is a super-important preparatory step that is crucial to get right for a good manicure or pedicure.



I love OPI which is the brand Figaro London uses. I also use some other brands and products occasionally for my manicures and pedicures such as CND or Gel Bottle which is an organic brand. But OPI is a trusted brand that I know delivers the results clients and nail techs expect.



“Enjoy every day like it’s your last, because one day, you’re going to be right.”

Check some of Melania’s recent works

Nail technician doing nude manicure
Nail technician did pedicure
Nail technician doing manicure
nail technician doing pink pedicure
Nail technician doing nude manicure
Melania's pedicure
Melania's manicure
nail technician doing pink pedicure

See what clients say about Melania’s manicure and pedicure

I went for a top notch pedicure (full pedi). It was my first time experiencing a dry pedicure and I loved it. Thank you again Melania for taking good care of me.

Perfect gel manicure. On time and very polite. Lovely experience and will book again next time with Melania.
Anonymous verified review

Our manicure looked amazing and lasted for almost 4 weeks. Thank you for providing such amazing customer service and the best mani ever!

Where is this nail salon?
We hear you ask.

Figaro London is an appointment-only hair, beauty and nail salon near Old Street Station and City Road. Post code: EC1V 3RQ. We have long opening hours and the best reviews in the neighbourhood.

Melania is in each week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and occasionally, on a weekend day too if you’re lucky.

We’re kind, we’re friendly, and we all 💓 beautiful, healthy skin, nail and hair.


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