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Bringing the best of Japanese creativity, art and design to London

Japanese Nail Art is so much more than pretty, colorful designs. It’s about advanced techniques and superior-quality materials imported directly from Japan.

Experience the Finest of Japanese Nail Art with Maho

Specialist in Japanese Nail Art and Design

Maho is a nail artist trained in this Japanese Nail Tradition and has proudly served a very demanding clientele first in Tokyo, Japan, then in a New York beauty salon. She made her debut at New York Fashion Week in 2017 as a nail artist and has continued to contribute to NYFW ever since. The next station of her creative journey is – you guessed it: London.

Labelled The ‘Chanel’ of Nail Art, Japanese Nail Design is something to experience for yourself. It takes time, it’s labour intensive, and requires meticulous attention to detail alongside the skills of a true artist.

Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it takes time. But boy, it’s so worth it.

Browse some of maho’s finest collections
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Nails by Maho
Nails by Maho
Nails by Maho
Nails by Maho

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Japanese Nail Art Services with Maho

Japanese Gel Nails


Japanese Gel Manicure £55 60 mins
Japanese Hard Gel Overlay on natural nails - price from £80 105 mins
Japanese Gel Pedicure £65 60 mins
Japanese Sawayaka Spa Pedicure add-on (foot file, scrub, soak, mask) £30 30 mins
Japanese Gel Removal - when booked with a Japanese Nail Service - Price from £15 20 mins
Japanese Gel Removal - removal only, no reapplication £25 20 mins
Hard Gel / Acrylic Removal £25 30 mins

Japanese Nail Extensions


Japanese Nail Extensions with Kokoist Gelip Tips
Extension + One colour finish - price from £100 120 mins
Infill + One colour finish - price from £90 105 mins


Japanese Nail Art with Maho (add-on)


Stickers - price from, per nail £1 10 mins
Swarovski crystals - price from, per nail £1 10 mins
Foil - price from, per nail £3 10 mins
Ink art - price from, per nail £3 10 mins
Matte finish £5 10 mins
Chrome finish £20 15 mins
French nails £20 15 mins
Magnetic finish (Cat Eye) £20 15 mins
Ombre finish £20 15 mins

Add-on Nail Treatments with Maho

Callus Removal £10 15 mins
Hard coat finish £10 10 mins
Foot massage £15 10 mins
Hand massage £15 10 mins
Aroma Paraffin Wax Treatment - Feet £15 15 mins
Aroma Paraffin Wax Treatment - Hands £15 15 mins

Nail Repair services


Japanese Gel Nail Repair per nail - price from £5 10 mins
Japanese Gel Nail Extension repair per nail - price from £7 10 mins


Professional background


Meet  Maho


‘I spent some time in Los Angeles back in 2014 as I studied English there. As it happens – and I don’t believe in coincidences, the host family I lived with owned a hair and beauty salon. The grandmother in the family used to come home with all sorts of wonderful nail art and extensions and I was looking at her nails in awe. I thought, one day, when I go back to Japan, I’d study to be a nail technician so I can do these wonderful nail designs and travel the world. And that’s exactly what I did. In Japan, I got my 1st grade licence as a qualified nail tech – it’s a notoriously difficult thing to achieve and I’m very proud of it. I then went back to the US, got my State of New York nail licence and started to work in a wonderful salon in New York City. London is part of the next stage in my career, and I look forward to serving demanding ladies in the EC1 area at Figaro London Hair & Beauty.’

Career Highlights

‘I’ve worked on numerous fashion photo shoots and as a contributing nail artist at New York fashion week for years. But if I have to name one highlight,  without a doubt, it has to be New York Fashion Week 2021. I worked on a magical fashion show for the famous brand LaQuan Smith. The host venue was none other than the Empire State Building. It was the first-ever fashion show at this iconic venue with an audience of top celebrities, designers and influencers. It was an exciting day that required focus, attention and flexibility on a whole new level. I loved every second of it.’

Area of expertise

‘I’m very conscious of beautiful shapes and forms, therefore I love long nails, and I’m really good at allowing my clients to grow long nails without any extensions. But of course, I just as much enjoy doing nail extensions. I use a top-quality Japanese brand called Kokoist to build nails with Gelip tips. And I love to go crazy when it comes to nail art. From chrome powder Korean-style nail art to Swarowski and bijou – you name it, I can do it.’


‘Kokoist, for sure. It’s a dream gel product made and manufactured in Japan. It’s durable and creates the smoothest surface for nail art.’


‘Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. And when all else fails, just smile.’

Where is this nail salon?
We hear you ask.

You can find Maho at Figaro London Hair & Beauty, an award-winning hair, beauty and nail salon with a planet-friendly approach near Old Street Station and City Road. Postcode: EC1V 3RQ.

Maho is in almost every day of the week, including weekends (yes, Sundays too!). She works on an appointment-only basis, so make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

She’ll be on duty as a nail artist behind the scenes during London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week 2023, otherwise, she’s very much around and can’t wait to see you too!